The Aero-modeling club is a place for children to learn about the various aspects of Building aircrafts and learning to fly them with the help of a radio control or a wired control. This sport teaches tremendous patience to the children and is a very good teacher in outdoor discipline. Central Adventures and Holidays brings to you the latest concepts in Aero modeling with the help of trained and qualified personal.

Why Aero Modeling?

  • It improves the Skills and crafts of Children and teaches them that Patience always pays
  • Greatly increases their imaginative power
  • It is a great form of Team building exercise
  • Inculcates Competitive spirit
  • Synchronization of Mind and hand
  • Increases power to innovate
  • Overall Personality Development
  • Teaches them the basic use of tools which are also handy at home
  • Teaches them to face challenges and competition

What the course teaches?

  • Introduction to design and mechanics
  • Introduction to tools
  • Basic Introduction to Spray Painting
  • Principles of Flying
  • Manufacturing and crafting a basic Glider aircraft
  • Graduating to Manufacturing and Flying a Basic Powered trainer aircraft
  • Ultimately culminating in the design of a advanced trainer and acrobatic aircraft with Radio control

Additional Options

1. Visit to a air-force base subject to permission

2. Talk on air power by a air-force officer or pilot

3. Trip to Flying club for Glider aircraft ride.


Course Duration

The course will consist of a 2 hour session Twice a week for one month for schools in Mumbai and a 10 day course for schools outside Mumbai. This course is for school / college groups only.


Course Fees

The charges for the entire course will be as follows:

1. For School groups in Mumbai [Min 25 students] ..... Rs 3950/- per person
2. For School Groups outside Mumbai ...... Rs 4550/- per student

The course fee includes material to be supplied by us to build the aircraft model. The engine does not come with the material but will be supplied by us during the period of the course along with the radio control panel. Each group will be divided into 15 students each for the purpose of making and crafting the air craft.


For Registration Details Contact


Mr Eshu Karwal : +91-9899852110

Mr Anshul Shukla Mobile: +919958044660


Damien Almeida : +91-9987035776

Kunal Pathak : +91- 9987857776


Harsh Samuel +91-9829724911


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