MAY 2013

Day 1: 14th May 2013 Delhi  Milan

Take the Flight to Milan at 04.15 AM. Emirates Airlines flight No EK 513

We have reached Milan on time and then transferred to hotel Concorde Tel: +39-02-26112020

In the night we had a delicious Indian dinner at AANGAN Indian restaurant. We were very tired and have gone to sleep

Overnight is in Milan

Lotus valley school Italy tour                          

Students in the lobby of Concorde hotel 

Day 2: 15th May 2013 Milan Padova - Venice

We got up todat at 6 am and are now having our Breakfast. In another hour we will go for sightseeing of Milan and then move on to Padova.

We boarded our bus at 9 am and first went to see the beautiful castle at Milan. In the Castle we were very lucky to see a Pinting by Leonarde Vinci and then saw the unfinished statue made by Micheal Angelo. The Guide explained that Micheal Angelo died when he was doing the sculpture and that time he was almost 90 years of Age

We then walked through the streets of Milan and finallly saw the most beautiful church of Milan. We went inside the church and then walked up to ous bus to go to the restaurant for an Indian Lunch. After Lunch we left for Padova. There was no traffice on the road and hence we reached Padova in 3 and half hours and checked into our Luxurious hotel B4 BOSCOLO. In the night at 7 pm we went for an Indian Dinner in Restaurant GANDHI

We have now reached back to our hotel in Padova and gone to sleep







Day 3:  16th May 2013 Padova Venice - Florence

We got up today at 5.30 am and are now having Breakfast . Today was a real Wet day. It was raining cats and dogs and the wind was blowing away but we managed to reach Venice island. We first went to the Glass factory and saw how Murano glass is made and then had a local lunch. The wind was so fierce that  that the Godnolas were closed

We then drove down to Florence and had an Indian dinner at ASHOKA indian restaurant and have now checked into hotel Sheraton Florence



Day 4: 17th May 2013 Florence Pisa

We got up to another rainy day and saw florence through the bus and then went to Pisa. Luckily it was bright and shiny in Pisa and we had a good timme at the Leaning tower and the Cathedral. We had an Indian Lunch at Pisa

We then left for Rome and reached Rome and Had dinner and then Checked into our hotel.. Hotel Roma Sheraton Tel: +39-06-54531


Day 5: 18th May 2013 Rome Naples

We got up at 5.45 am and then went for breakfast at 7.15 am. We then had a sumptuous breakfast and then left for sightseeing of Naples and Pompiee

We first reached Pompiee and then entered the ruins of this city destroyed by the Volcano Vesuvious. Our Guide gave us the full history of this town. Afterwards we had a Local lunch of Pizza and Coke and then left for Naples where the guide gave us a guided tour of this city

We then returned to Rome and Had dinner. ALL THE CHILDREN ARE SAFE AND HEALTHY

Day 6: 19th May 2013 Rome

We got up at 7 am and then had our Breakfast at 8 am and then went for a walking tour of Rome. We visited the Pantheon, the Trevis fountain and the visited the World famous Colloseum. We then had an Indian Lunch

In the afternoon we went to a mall for shopping

We are now going for a Indian Dinner




Day 7: 20th May 2013 Rome

We got up at 7 am and then had our breakfast. We then went to the Vatican city. We first visited the Museums and then the awesome Sistine Chappel where we saw Micheal Angelos famous paintings. We then visited the St Peters Church and then went to Mac donnnalds for Lunch. We then went to the Leonardo Mall for some last minuted shopping. In the night we took the flight to Delhi via Dubai

Emirates flight No EK 096 departing from Rome at 2200 hrs.

Day 8:21st May 2013 Delhi

Reached Dubai at 05.45 am and took the flight to Delhi at 09.45 am. Emirates flight No EK 516

Arrived in Delhi international airport at 2.35 pm right on time. HOME SWEET HOME

Tour Ends. Thank you.


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