Day 1: 27th August 2013

Take the Flight to Los Angeles via Beijing

We reached Los Angeles almost 30 minutes before time and went strainght to the Santa Monica beach and then had a fabulous Indian Lunch at JAIPUR indian restaurant

We then went to Beverly hills and then to the Hollywood Visitor center and enjoyed every moment of it

In the evening we had a lavish Indian food at Tandoori Indian retsaurant

We then took the flight to Orlando at 11pm

Saint Xaviers Ranchi at Bevery hills


Day 2: 28th August 2013

We reached Orlando right on time and 6.54 am and then went to our beautiful MARIOTT hotel where we got a early check in.

We are now resting

In the afternoon we will have Indian lunch and then go to DISNLEY TO ENJOY

We went to Indian Restaurant Passage to India and had a good Indian meal and then went to Disneyland

We had lots of fun at Disneyland and did not get back until 10 pm after the spectacular Fireworks show

We had an Indian dinner and then went to sleep

Saint Xaviers school Ranchi disneyland


Day 3: 29th August 2013

Today we woke up late and had our breakfast at 9.30 am and then went to the Universal studios for a day full of Fun and entertainment

We reached UNIVERSAL and a blast on all the rides at the stuios. We visited the Islands of Adventure today

We left the resort when it closed at 7 pm and then had a good indian Dinner

Everyone is fine and healthy

Day 4: 30th August 2013

Today we visited the Kennedy Space station and had Lunch with Astranaut Bob Springer. It was a most amazing moment to have met a real Astranaut and asked him many questions. We then visited the VEHICLE assembly building and the Launch pad of Space shuttles

Then we saw an actual model of the ATLANTIS space shuttle. It was a fantastic day and we have returned to the hotel totally exhausted




Day 4: 31st August 2013

In the morning after breakfast we went shopping to the Florida Mall. In the afternoon we had a fantastic time in NASA duing the Astranaut Training experience.

We were all made to do some roles like Commander of space shuttle, scientific specialist etc and then we actually launched the space shuttle on a simulator

It is a time we will never forget. In the night we had a Indian dinner and then went to sleep



Day 4: 1st September 2013

We have just now got up at 6 am to take the flight to Washington. We took our flight right on time and reached washington at 2 pm

We then had a very delicious lunch at an Indian restaurant and then went to see the White house, The Lincoln memorial, the Washington memorial, The korean memorial and the Capitol Hill. We then visited the Air and Space Museum.

We then went to have an Indian dinner at Harvest of India and then retired to sleep at the LUXURIOUS EMBASSY SUITES HOTEL

Day 5: 2nd September 2013

We got up early today and drove to the Hershey Factory. All of us shopped a lot and bought many chocolates for ourselves and friends back home. We then went onwards to have an Indian lunch at Harrisburg and then reached Buffalo in the night.

hershey chocolate

Day 6: 3rd September 2013

We got up at 7.30 am and then had our breakfast and then went to the Niagara falls. What a sight it was to see this majestic falls. It was a cold morning as the winter is setting in and then we went for the MAID OF THE MIST ride. It was fantastic with the foam of the falls spraying all over our faces. We will never forget this experience all our lives and thank our parents for sending us on this trip of a lifetime

We then went on to New Jersey and have just reached our Hotel RADISSON PISCATAWAY




Day 7: 4th September 2013

We have all got up at 7.30 am today and are having breakfast in our beautiful hotel. After breakfast we left to see the Statue of Liberty. We went to Battery park and boarded our ferry to the staten island where the statue of liberty is kept. We had a good photo session at the statue and then cam back to battery park and then went to Times square for an Italian Lunch consisting of Salads, Pizza, Chocolate cake and cold drinks.

We then went to a souvenir shop to shop for souvenirs and then went up the empire state building and took great photographs.

We thenn spent two hours shopping at the times square

After the shopping we had an Indian lunch and then are back in our hotel to sleep


On top of Empire state building


Day 8: 5th September 2013

We got a bit late today at 11 am and then went to have a Great Indian buffet

We then went for a New York City tour and visited the UN headquaters and the Ground Zero. We then had a great time shopping at Times Square and at Macy's. In the evening we had an Indian dinner and then again shopped, this time at Walmart near our hotel

We then went to sleep


Day 9: 6th September 2013

Today we will get up late again at 10 am and go to Manhattan for Lunch at 11 am and then go straight to the airport to take our flight to India


Having Lunch with Astranaut Bob Springer